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Welcoming People. Authentic Worship. Weekly communion. A Practical and challenging message from God’s Word. This is just a sample of what you can expect when you visit Cornerstone Church of Christ.

We invite you and your family to come as you are and join us with an open heart ready to receive God. Enjoy a time of fellowshipping, relationship building, and learning before, during, and after services. With open arms we welcome you regardless of whether you are searching or have been walking with God for years.

We believe that every new member at Cornerstone Church of Christ needs to know some key things about our church. Therefore, we have created a brief and informative orientation process for you. Please know that your membership will not be established until you have completed our prescribed plan. We believe it is THAT important! Click here for more information. (Link to Membership Form)

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.s) that are meant to help you feel comfortable and aware of what to expect when joining us.

Please feel free to contact us here

Should I bring my Bible?
We encourage you to bring your Bible in whatever format is most comfortable for you. Many join us for weekend gatherings and read scriptures from their smartphone mobile device. We also display important points and scriptures on the overhead screens, and occasionally supply an outline.

What should I wear?
We want you to be at ease and encourage you to wear whatever is most comfortable for you.

What is the worship like?
In all things we do we seek to honor God. (1 Corinthians 10:31) This is particularly something we earnestly attempt to accomplish through our worship. We have uplifting a cappella worship service with contemporary Christian and classic hymns. We want to worship in such a way that Jesus smiles down on us.

Do you have Student and Children’s Ministries?
We have active student and Children’s Ministries. Click here to view our list. (Click Here)

How often do you celebrate communion?
Our church family receives communion together every weekend to remember Christ’s sacrificial death for our sins. We invite all believers to take the sacraments with us, with the bread being passed first and then the cups. Once all have received the bread and cup a leader will guide us as we take the sacraments as a family.

Does Cornerstone Church of Christ receive an offering?
As our guest, we want you to feel free to let the offering basket pass on by. If you desire to give, please know Cornerstone Church of Christ is devoted to being careful stewards of the resources within our care. Members and Regular attendees are encouraged to be faithful in giving.


Where can I find information on Bible studies offered?
We have active Adult Ministries and offer Bible studies for men, women, and families at individual’s homes. Contact us to discover Bible study opportunities and get information on how you can start your own. 

How do I become a member?
Discover CCOC, our membership class, will educate you on our beginnings, and what we believe, and is hosted throughout the year. Click here for more information. 



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Your God-given potential speaks to you concerning your tomorrow, inspite of circumstances of yesterday.
RT @RickAtchley: Pastors, may our joy today not be that people come and fill buildings, but that people leave filled with Jesus.
RT @hillschurchtx: Heaven comes to earth when we serve. Are you doing your part?
RT @hillschurchtx: We can either decide today Jesus is king or someday realize that He always was.
RT @RickAtchley: I've come to realize that most women spend more time wondering what men are thinking than most men actually spend thinking.
God can't do things in your life, if you're trying to be the new you with old ways. #Reposition #faith #God
More than 4.5 million people have changed their futures with Financial Peace University. You can too!……
Men need a mental revolution that starts within - the Spirit. @myccoc #manhood #33theseries #manandhisdesign
All of my life, in every season you are still God. I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship. @myccoc #worship
Our world desperately need better men. @myccoc #authenticmanhood #33theseries #manhoodrealities
The process of accepting all aspects of your personalities supports our efforts to love unconditionally, which begins with ourselves.
There are gifts in your weaknesses!
A magical thing happens when we stop expending large amounts of energy ignoring & hiding the part of ourselves that we don't like.
RT @RickAtchley: Stop saying, "That's just the way I am." There is only one I AM. You and I are "I am becoming."
RT @RickAtchley: God has someone for us to love today that we never expected, but we're prepared because we know God expects us to love eve…
God has been stronger IN YOU than the blows that have been afflicted ON YOU! #God #strong #faith #TheCornerstoneExperience
"When you change the things you think about, the things you think about change." -unknown (Proverbs 18:21) #change #think #mind #powerofgod
@myccoc Join us this Sunday, September 20 @10AM for our Launch Service. #Worship #Praise #Cornerstone #churchofchrist